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Off Season Blues? Well take that time to Not have the Blues on your Next Fly Fishing Trip.

The off season is by far the best time to go over all your gear and restock those fly boxes!

Every client that books a fishing trip always asks the same questions, What Flies and How many. If your not asking your Guide those two questions then your already behind the ball on the success of your fishing trip.

After spending many hours researching your trip, finding the right option for your next trip, paying for it and like hundreds of dollars on rods, reels and accessories, often times the most important key element between you and the hook up is the fish is the flies.

Not just the right patterns for the local rivers you'll be fishing but the sizes and most importantly how many of each.

As an Atlantic Salmon Guide over the last two and a half decades one thing I've seen more times then enough is being on the river and seeing guys loose their only pattern or size in said pattern that seemed to be THE ONE!

Your guide or Outfitter should be able to offer advice on not only which fly patterns you should bring but also how many one normally can expect to go through over the duration of your stay.

On a typical Atlantic Salmon Trip I recommend a fly box armed with a minimum

of 4 dozen flies in a variety of patterns, Sizes and quantities of each depending on the location and time of year they will be fishing, but over time 4-6 doz. seems to be a safe number.

if you need flies for an up coming trip, reach out to us or visit our web store!

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