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Tour Packages: Tour Packages
Atlantic Salmon Bay St George NL

Atlantic Salmon Fishing Newfoundland

Bay St. George
Newfoundland, Canada

Package Includes:

  •  5/days 6/Nights

  • Guide 2:1

  • Lodging

  • Home Style Meals

  • License

  • Airport Transportation to and from Lodge

Experience the unparalleled beauty of Newfoundland, where nearly 70% of North America's Atlantic Salmon Rivers flow, offering some of the planet's most pristine fly fishing environments.

In our program, you'll have your pick of seven rivers, each a haven for Newfoundland Atlantic Salmon. Picture yourself amidst the tranquility, dry fly fishing at its finest. Whether you're dead drifting bombers over fresh sea-run salmon or opting for the thrill of swinging wet flies with a two-handed switch rod, we cater to your angling preferences on this extraordinary fishing journey.

Embark on a deep dive into Newfoundland's rich angling legacy as you navigate these legendary rivers, each unveiling its unique allure and challenges. With every cast, you'll forge a deeper connection with this iconic species and the unspoiled wilderness it calls home. So, pack your gear and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime in Newfoundland, where every turn of the river promises a new angling thrill.



We're able to offer some of the Best Atlantic Salmon Fishing  at an affordable price!


Book Today Limited Availability.

2024 Dates

June 2-7               Booked  (Large Salmon Week)

June  9-14             Limited (Large Salmon Week)

June 16-21            Vacancies  (Large Salmon Week)

June 23-28            Limited (Prime Week)

June 30- July 5     Vacancies (Prime Week)

July 7-12                 Vacancies (Prime Week)

July 14-19               Vacancies (Prime Week)

July 21-26               Vacancies

Large Atlantic Salmon
Jumping Atlantic Salmon

Getting Here

After arriving at the Deer Lake Airport (YDF) you 'll head west on Hwy 1 the Trans Canada Highway, passing buy Corner Brook and some absolutely breath taking scenery, through the Humber Valley.

The lodge is nestled on Harry's River in the quiet community of Black Duck Siding, just 20 minutes from the Town of Stephenville.

Lodging & Fishing

The lodge is absolutely perfect for a group of salmon anglers with plenty of space to relax in the evenings, tell the days stories. There are both single and double occupancy rooms in the lodge.

With only being a stones throw from the Harry's River your options close to the lodge are very great pools when the salmon are moving and only being a few miles from salt water they tend to be feisty!

With seven rivers that we target over the season in the area, countless pools, the options seem endless of places to fish. With these rivers being some of the earliest to get migrating fish each season it makes for some cool temperatures and normally great water conditions that salmon love.

As the season progresses and the water temps warm the dry fly action really starts to turn on and that's when the fun really Begins.

Rivers We Fish:

  • Harry's River: Flowing from the island's highest mountains, Harry's River boasts crystal-clear waters that provide ideal conditions for Atlantic Salmon fishing. From its expansive gravel lower section to its narrow limestone bedrock upper reaches, Harry's River promises an unparalleled angling experience for enthusiasts of this iconic species. Don't forget to bring a two-hander for some exceptional swing water action, perfect for hooking into these majestic Atlantic Salmon.

  • Sou' West Brook: As one of the first rivers in Newfoundland to welcome the annual Atlantic Salmon migration, Sou' West Brook offers prime opportunities for anglers seeking the thrill of reeling in these prized fish. With its picturesque scenery and abundant pools, this river is a haven for dry fly fishing enthusiasts looking to test their skills against the Atlantic Salmon's legendary strength.

  • Flat Bay Brook: Experience the excitement of Atlantic Salmon fishing amidst the stunning landscapes of Flat Bay Brook. This river boasts numerous pools teeming with runs of grilse, providing anglers with ample opportunities to hook into these spirited fish. Whether you're exploring the upper reaches or casting into the saltwater, Flat Bay Brook offers an unforgettable fishing experience for all levels of anglers.

  • Fishells River: Discover the dynamic waters of Fishells River, where the thrill of Atlantic Salmon fishing awaits. Despite its small size, this spate river is home to impressive runs of grilse and large salmon, offering anglers the chance for up-close and personal encounters with these acrobatic fish. Bring along a light-action rod and prepare for an exhilarating day on the water as you cast your line in pursuit of Atlantic Salmon.

  • Robinsons River: Cast your line into the expansive waters of Robinsons River and experience the excitement of Atlantic Salmon fishing on a grand scale.The Largest river we fish With opportunities for both two-handed casting and single-handed rods, this river accommodates anglers of all preferences and skill levels. Whether you're swinging flies or presenting dry flies, Robinsons River provides an unforgettable backdrop for your Atlantic Salmon fishing adventure.

  • Barachois Brook: Delve into the charm of Barachois Brook and discover the thrill of Atlantic Salmon fishing in a small river setting. Despite its size, this river is home to mighty fish and offers exciting dry fly action against the backdrop of scenic beauty. Bring along a light-action 6wt rod and prepare for an unforgettable day of fishing on Barachois Brook.

  • Crabbs River: Journey to the remote reaches of Crabbs River and immerse yourself in the wilderness as you pursue Atlantic Salmon in its pristine waters. While accessing some of Crabbs River's pools may require a bit of effort, the reward of hooking into these prized fish makes it all worthwhile. With its secluded ambiance and abundant fishing opportunities, Crabbs River offers a truly memorable Atlantic Salmon fishing experience for anglers seeking adventure off the beaten path.

Salmon Fishing The Great Northern Peninsula
Newfoundland, Canada

Male Atlantic Salmon

Package Includes:

  •  5/days 6/Nights

  • Guide 2:1

  • Lodging

  • Home Style Meals

  • License

  • Airport Transportation to and from Lodge

Immerse yourself in the legendary Atlantic Salmon fishing grounds of the Great Northern Peninsula (GNP) in Newfoundland, Canada – a destination renowned for offering some of the most extraordinary wild Atlantic Salmon fishing experiences in all of North America.

Step into the footsteps of angling icons like the late Lee Wulff as you swing flies in the storied waters of Portland Creek, River of Ponds, the Torrent River, and the St. Genevieve – just a few among the many renowned fishing spots awaiting your exploration.


With breathtaking scenery at every turn and access to pristine, publicly accessible waters, your fishing adventure on the Great Northern Peninsula promises unforgettable moments on the water. And it's not just about Atlantic Salmon – you'll also have the opportunity to reel in some spectacular Speckled Trout, adding even more excitement to your trip.

Our comprehensive package includes:

  • 5 days of thrilling Atlantic Salmon fishing

  • 6 nights of comfortable accommodations

  • Personalized guiding services provided by licensed professionals on a 2:1 ratio

Get ready to create lasting memories as you cast your line in pursuit of Atlantic Salmon amidst the stunning landscapes of the Great Northern Peninsula. This fishing expedition is sure to leave you with unforgettable experiences and tales to share for years to come.

Book Today Limited Availability.

2024 Dates

June 30- July 5    Vacancies

July 7-12                Booked

July 14-19              Booked

July 21-26              Vacancies (Prime Week)

Salmon Pool
Atlantic Salmon Northern Peninsula

Getting Here

After Landing In Deer lake, NL (YDF) Your Drive North on the Viking Trail (Route 430) through Gros Morne National Park and some of the most spectacular scenery in Eastern Canada will lead you to the Lodge in Portland Creek, where you will be met by David and his Staff.

Lodging & Fishing

   Welcomed by Beautiful accommodations & world famous east coast hospitality, And this is just the beginning of your adventure.

With multiple rivers offering enough water for everyone in your week to fish different water everyday, in fact they could fish a different River each day, insuring you have a unique experience in this vast wilderness.

Rivers & Pools are accessible mainly by vehicle and walking, with the possibility of the use of a boat only to access an area not to fish from.

With long daylight hours in the north the fishing can be limited to mornings and evenings to capitalize on prime fishing conditions, leaving mid day open to relax or explore the many amazing sights and the stellar coastline.

Arriving Sunday you'll get settled in to your room, meet the Guides and Staff, we will have a quick seminar/safety in the evening followed by Q&A.

Fishing Starts Monday morning and commences until Friday evening.

Saturday morning departing back to Deer lake.

Rivers We Fish:

  • Portland Creek Made famous by the late Lee Wulff, this is an amazing river system hosting many different styles of river with a 26 km long lake in the middle of the system, fed by three tributaries. Single hand 6-9wt are perfect for these tributaries and the lower main stem as well the perfect two hand swing water you can think of for Atlantic Salmon, a true gem right in the back yard of the lodge!

  • River of Ponds is a simply fabulous river from Top to Bottom and everywhere in between. From the swift moving rapids to the long flat Dry Fly pools on the interior sections. Lee Wulff Land here in the early 1950's in his Cub Air Plane on floats, and discovering some of the best Wild Atlantic Salmon fishing known to mankind! Although the (ROP) has some great two handed swing water you would most likely do well with a single hand rod and a dry fly in my opinion.

  • Torrant River with a complete board walk of almost the entire river the Torrant River is a great place for the folks who aren't able to wade or travel over uneven ground with ease.

  • with each pool well defined and accessible to virtually everyone and the great runs of fresh fish from the near by ocean its a true pleasure to fish and enjoy a day on the river

  • St. Geneviève River Gin Clear water flowing from deep in the mountains holding great runs of Grilse that love dry flies. The St. Genevieve is a smaller river with a few great pools, when the time is right we like to sneak off to this great Gem in the Back Country.

  • Castors River Although we don't fish the castors often we do travel over it and we do stop to wet a line from time to time, accessible mostly by boat with limited pools to fish we generally just do Drive By's (Quick flick at the bridge)

  • Big East River a rugged river to fish and a fair bit of a walk but when the fishing is hot.... ITS HOT!

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