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Nova Scotia Whitetail Hunting

125" Nova Scotia Whitetail

Although Nova Scotia offers some amazing Mature Whitetails, and a Healthy Deer Heard, there's not one around every tree, nor is there multiple B&C Bucks harvested each year.
What Nova Scotia does offer is a Great Whitetail Hunting Experience, with Typically beautiful Fall coastal weather, a wide variety of hunting venues such as vast amounts of  Boreal Forest, Farm Land, Swamps, and Forested cuts and Rolling Hills & Valleys!

We offer Ground Blind, Tree stand & Still Hunting both Stumble on as well as Baited Sites, to offer the client a custom experience.
Most hunts are based in a wall tent setting but also have areas which may be in a cabin or hotel, depending on the time of year and the style of hunt you would like!

Due to all the factors listed above we offer only TWO (2) Whitetail Guided Hunts each season, space is limited so if you'd like to experience the Hunting In Nova Scotia reach out by clicking the button below.


168 5/8" Nova Scotia whitetail

In this viedo you will join me on my 2023 Nova Scotia Whitetail archery hunt.

This is a self filmed hunt from a tree saddle. This is my personal best Buck with the Bow. 

Nova Scotia Hunt 2023 with David Hartlin

Wall Tent Hunt
Back Country Wall Tent Hunts
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