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Top Reasons to Go:

Fishing in Newfoundland is a true pleasure, from mountains, beautiful Flora & Fiona to the clean wild rivers and lakes.

The Atlantic Salmon fishing in Newfoundland is World Class, boasting 66% of the Wild Atlantic Salmon Rivers on Earth.


Who is best suited to this destination?

David Hartlin’s program has a large diversity in the rivers and the conditions you will fish, from slower pools with gravel easy wadding to more challenging areas and rivers with faster current and boulders.


With 9 rivers in the area they target mainly 6 of the top ones, all within a 45 min drive offering their own unique qualities and attributes, from big swing water with two handed rods to small pocket fishing with a smaller single hand on dry flies!

David Can Tylor your trip to suit your needs, comfort level and fishing abilities!


Where is the lodge?

The lodge is located in Black Duck Siding on The magnificent Harry’s River, 130 kms west of Deer Lake NL.


How do I get there?

Guests would fly in to Deer Lake Airport (YDF), you will be Picked up mid-day Sunday and proceed to the lodge (approximately 1:30) where you will settle in to you room, unpack, organize your gear before an evening Dinner.


When should I go?

June & July are the main run of Atlantic Salmon in the area with June being mostly multi sea winter fish (Salmon) and July predominately Grilse ( single sea winter 3-5 lbs) with Prime Time historically being last week in June and first 3 weeks in July


How will I fish?

Most angles will swing wet flies and drift dry flies with single handed 6-8wt rods,

Floating WF lines with 6-8 lb Mono, or 12-16 lb Fluorocarbon leaders.

All fishing will be done while wading and you will move from run to run by vehicle.


Is there wade fishing?

Yes, this fishery is 100% wade fishing.


Where will I fish?

All waters in Newfoundland are public and open to anyone to fish, Non residents need a guide.

David Targets 6 main systems, Harry’s River, Sou’ West Brook, Flat Bay Brook, Fishells River, Robensons River & Crabbs River. This offers countless pools and runs to fish, potentially fishing new water every session, on a different system each day if you desire.



How long does it take to reach the fishing grounds?

The lodge is walking distance to several great pools on Harry’s River, leaving that are you’re 20 mins to the upper section of Harry’s or 20 mins to Sou’ west Brook, each river after are 5-10 mins from one another, making for easy pool shifting to seek the fresh runs from the last tide!


What type(s) of fish will I catch?

Wild Sea Run Atlantic Salmon from 3-15 lbs average with some in the 20 lb class.

Some resident & sea run Speckle Trout in all the rivers and are caught from time to time but we don’t target them.


How many fish will I catch?

Regulation in Newfoundland as in many other areas has bag limits on retention (1 per person per season) as well as a Catch and Release limit (3 Released Per day).

The daily release limit is quite often achieved by most anglers in the Prime Season.

DHG is a Catch & Release program Only, No Retention of Salmon.


Will I see other anglers?


What are the guides like?

Guides are well seasoned in Atlantic Salmon fishing and in the area, and knowledgeable some are even quite entertaining!


What are the physical demands?

There aren’t a tremendous amount of physical demands if the guest is unable to endure them as there are so many pools and options to choose from, although it naturally limits you from others which can range in their challenges of swift current, river crossings step walks to and from the pools to boulders, with that said this programs offers accessibility to most who are able to walk and wade!


Are there any special skills required?

Patience is a virtue in Atlantic Salmon fishing this and fly casting are your two main skills needed.

Newfoundland does offer some challenges in the weather wind being the biggest, so practicing larger Dries in windy conditions will work in your favor.



Does the lodge provide equipment?

The lodge has limited loaner gear and guests are encouraged to bring their own flies which can be pre ordered and hand tied by David himself. The lodge does sell some flies but get fairly picked over as the season goes on.



What is your favorite setup for the trip?

A 9-10 foot, single-handed 6-8 weight and a light, 11- to 13-foot 6- 8-weight Spey rod with a Scandi style head will cover most of the water and conditions.


 What are the top flies?

The key flies for Atlantic salmon in the area For Wets are, Green Machines, Undertakers, Black Bear Green Butts, Supper Hangs, Blue Charm, Thunder & Lightning to name a few and these should be on single barbless (Regulation) tied in 6,8,10 on a Tiemco 7999 style or similar.

Dries are mainly fishing in the spun deer hair patterns like Buck Bugs & Bombers but the Wulff dries all work well also.


What are the options if water conditions become challenging?

As a norm not all the river will become un-fishable at the same time but generally the upper sections of the river above tributaries will still offer opportunities. Most of these rivers are Spate Rivers and will rise and settle quickly.


What is a typical day like?

Days are generally set by weather conditions to offer the best opportunities and comforts. Most days are 8 Prime hours on the water.

Starting most days on the river between 5:00-6:00am fishing a split session you’ll return to the lodge mid-day for a rest before dinner. After dinner you’ll head back to a beat for the evening fish till dark 10pm. This is the best option on sunny warm days as the salmon fishing will slow drastically.

However on days that are cloudy, cool with rain the mid-day can be fine and the early mornings and late evening can be for relaxing and catching up on some rest for the big fish!


What is the general vibe, atmosphere and style of the lodge?

The lodge has a very simple, clean, with deep history in the Salmon fishing and Moose hunting over the last 80 years.

The lodge is quiet and is generally used to eat and relax while having a drink and telling the days stories! Single private rooms as well as double occupancies are available at the time of booking to again accommodate your comfort while you stay.

Overall quiet, very chill and informal Newfoundland hospitality.


Is there an on-site owner, manager or other point-person at the lodge?

Yes, David manages all the fishing and on water programs and Lisa Lodge Manager are both there to help in your needs or concerns, and happy to help in anyway.


Where do we eat, and what are the meals like?

Meals are served in the main dining area adjacent the bar and living room. They are very thoughtfully prepared and delicious. Breakfasts include eggs to order, and dinners are paired with fine Argentine wines.



What is the alcohol policy?

The lodge has a nice bar area with a limited selection. No beer, wine or local spirits are included, But  guests are free to bring their favorite choice with them or have the lodge purchase them for them and pay for those special orders on-site. The liquor Stores also nearby.


How is tipping handled?

While tips are always at the discretion of guests, a rough guideline

for the house staff of $50-70 per day handed to the manager at the end of the week. For Guides we recommend 10-15% of the trip cost but that can be handed directly to your guides at the end of the week. US dollars are preferred but credit cards can be accepted in a pinch.


Where do we stay, and what are the accommodations like?

All rooms are located on the property and offer your own door to the outside.

There are four single-occupancy rooms and one double-occupancy room. All rooms are ground level. All have nice, attached bathrooms. The lodge takes six guests per week. The double occupancy room is available at a lower rate than the singles.


Is there internet and/or cell service?

The lodge has good Wi-Fi and ok cell service.


Are there other activities?

No this is really a fishing only lodge, if you have a car rental there are lots of tourist things I the area.


Are there any other expenses?



Do I need a visa?

No. not from the United State only a Passport


Are there any health concerns, dangers or annoyances?

There are no specific health concerns but always assume you will encounter significant wind.

We recommend that guests always consult with the U.S. Department of State and the Center For Disease Control websites for general travel information and guidelines.

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