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Fall Atlantic Salmon Fishing in Nova Scotia

Updated: Mar 5

As the leaves fall as does the cooler rain, the river starts to swell and the Fall run starts to enter the rivers throughout Nova Scotia.

Atlantic Salmon
Wild Margaree River Salmon

And as Anglers flock from around the world to chase he's amazing fish at a time when the weather is perfect the conditions are perfect and the river generally has an abundance of fish.


As the season changes so do these fish and so must and Anglers tactics and Tackle.

What you must understand about Atlantic salmon is that when the water temperatures drop these fish become more lethargic, and by using sink tips you can get the fly in front of the fish increasing your takes. When using sink tips you're generally going to want a larger weight fly rod such as an 8 or 9 weight single-handed fast action. When using a sink tip you're going to want to shorten your leader to roughly 18" to 24" to ensure the fly is being pulled down to the range you wish by the sink!


Although I won't rule out being able to catch Atlantic salmon during the fall months on a bomber or another dry fly, commonly this is the time of year where you going to change up those patterns and start using not so much larger patterns but different profile from your traditional wet flies such as a blue charm the streamers and shrimp patterns such as a Magog smelt, alley shrimp, cascade, General practitioner, Marabou patterns, even traditional Heron spey flies.

Just like in the summer you want to adjust your fly size to the water column as a rule of thumb skinnier the water smaller the fly bigger water larger profile fly and bigger hook.


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