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Dead Drift Society Podcast

Updated: Mar 5

I was lucky to be a guest on the

Dead Drift Society Podcast that just drop this past Monday (01/7/24)

Andrew's a great guy with an

amazing Podcast, hosting some epicly fishy folks.

Andrew Barany and the Dead Drift Society reside in Vancover Island British Columbia, Canada

Andrew also guides in British Columbia so if you're out that way look him up for sure!

With over 100 episodes now listed on favorite streaming platforms like Spotify or Apple Music you'll have lots to check out!

Join Andrew and myself as we chat about Atlantic Salmon Fishing in Newfoundland & Nova Scotia to Striped Bass Fishing in Nova Scotia, everything from they're spawning & migration patterns, to the techniques used to catch them.

Listen to the Episode Here

This was also be the first video episode ever for the Dead Drift Society to air on YouTube.

Follow the DDS on Instagram.

Check out all the other previous Podcasts I've been fortunate enough to be a guest of.

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