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Newfoundland Moose Why weren't they there..? The story of the greatest Introduction of a Big Game Specie

Updated: Mar 5

The Newfoundland Moose is one of the most pursued of all Moose in North America, possibly the most pursued Big Game Animal next to Elk!

Newfoundland boasts the highest moose population per\km2 than anywhere on the planet for a Moose population.

The amazing thing about all this is that moose are not even indigenous to the island of Newfoundland, in fact they've been introduced twice to the island, first in 1878 which the pair of moose never did mate therefore

not reproducing they were shot and eaten.

Later the reintroduction was attempted again, this in 1904 when 4 moose left the mainland in New Brunswick from the Miramichi area destined for the wilds of Newfoundland once more,

After a Ferry Crossing on the Cabot Strait followed by being loaded on boxcars and towed down the rail bed by the Newfie Bullet, to the releasing location of the small rural community of Howley an hour East of Corner Brook, before monarchs of the North have found their new home.

For the next 26 years the moose roamed free across this rugged yet beautiful landscape with only black bears as predators and countless hectares of inhabited land by humans, the population exploded.

And by 1930 the people of Newfoundland seen their first moose hunt!

The moose population has since sky-rocketed reach a high of an estimated 175,000 animals over the entire island, true one of the greatest introduction success stories in Canada possibly the world!

Although The Eastern Moose isn't the largest sub species Newfoundland offers some amazing opportunities for big bulls because of the vast majority of the island is inaccessible and remote to most people and the only natural predator at black bears these moose can live undisturbed for most of their days!

With many outfitters across this vast island offering every possible option I know of to hunt except Horse back, but from a simple Drive-in Meat Hunt to a Trophy Remote backcountry experience.

In a nutshell Newfoundland offers the highest success rate I know of boasting at 95% better then the modern marriage!


For more information on Moose Hunts in Newfoundland Click Here.

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