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Cabelas Alaknak Tent

Two decades now since I started my journey on this Guide Life!

It's taken me to some truely amazing place and I've certainly spent a few nights in the back country, pursuing Wild Atlantic Salmon or chasing Moose, The King of all Sports Fish & of the Monarch of the North.

Both have drawn me to remote locations, where you must leave behind alot of normal day to day comforts.

Traveling to these extended reaches with small tents is most convenient without question...

But the comfort of a wall type structure offers a tremendous amount of room over the more lighter optionands, Being over 6' myself I can appreciate head room without question, not to mention the ability to keep more gear dry, stowed away under Cots and hung up and able to dry.

The Cabela's Alaknak Tent offers everything we needed for our outfitting business, offering comfort and convenience in all aspects from a fly fishing camp to a remote hunting lodge, even for our ecotourism tours.

Offering a tremendous amount of ventilation to reduce condensation, all the way to a wood stove to keep you warm on those cold winter nights.

The Cabela's of Alaknak 12x12 easily sets up in 30 minutes by a single person, using a very basic design, once you lay out the pieces in their places you simply just go around and in no time you have your structure erected.

The Alaknak products have currently been recalled and sent to the ma

nufacturer as there has been an issue with the roof fabric from what I am told. The new and improved tents should be in the stores by Spring of 2021 from what I am told.

I highly recommend this tent from my experiences thus far in using it although I have not been in a major rainstorm yet fortunately I have had great weather the 8 to 10 times I've used it so far.

Stay tuned for when they arrive back in the store and available for purchase and grab one at your local Cabela's or Bass pro shop!

-David Hartlin

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