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The Great Northern Peninsula
Newfoundland, Canada



After Landing In Deer lake, NL (YDF) Your Drive North on the Viking Trail (Route 430) through Gros Morne National Park and some of the most spectacular scenery in Eastern Canada will lead you to the Lodge in Portland Creek, where you will be met by David and his Staff.

Lodging & Fishing

   Welcomed by Beautiful accommodations & world famous east coast hospitality, And this is just the beginning of your adventure.

With multiple rivers offering enough water for everyone in your week to fish different water everyday, in fact they could fish a different River each day, insuring you have a unique experience in this vast wilderness.

Rivers & Pools are accessible mainly by vehicle and walking, with the possibility of the use of a boat only to access an area not to fish from.

With long daylight hours in the north the fishing can be limited to mornings and evenings to capitalize on prime fishing conditions, leaving mid day open to relax or explore the many amazing sights and the stellar coastline.

Arriving Sunday you'll get settled in to your room, meet the Guides and Staff, we will have a quick seminar/safety in the evening followed by Q&A.

Fishing Starts Monday morning and commences until Friday evening.

Saturday morning departing back to Deer lake.

Rivers We Fish:

Portland Creek Made famous by the late Lee Wulff, this is an amazing river system hosting many different styles of river with a 26 km long lake in the middle of the system, fed by three tributaries. 

Single hand 6-9wt are perfect for these tributaries and the lower main stem as well the perfect two hand swing water you can think of for Atlantic Salmon, a true gem right in the back yard of the lodge!

River of Ponds is a simply fabulous river from Top to Bottom and everywhere in between. From the swift moving rapids to the long flat Dry Fly pools on the interior sections. Lee Wulff Land here in the early 1950's in his Cub Air Plane on floats, and discovering some of the best Wild Atlantic Salmon fishing known to mankind! Although the (ROP) has some great two handed swing water you would most likely do well with a single hand rod and a dry fly in my opinion.

Torrant River with a complete board walk of almost the entire river the Torrant River is a great place for the folks who aren't able to wade or travel over uneven ground with ease.

with each pool well defined and accessible to virtually everyone and the great runs of fresh fish from the near by ocean its a true pleasure to fish and enjoy a day on the river

St. Geneviève River Gin Clear water flowing from deep in the mountains holding great runs of Grilse that love dry flies. The St. Genevieve is a smaller river with a few great pools, when the time is right we like to sneak off to this great Gem in the Back Country.

Castors River Although we don't fish the castors often we do travel over it and we do stop to wet a line from time to time, accessible mostly by boat with limited pools to fish we generally just do Drive By's (Quick flick at the bridge)

Big East River a rugged river to fish and a fair bit of a walk but when the fishing is hot.... ITS HOT!

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